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  •  I went target shooting once (3+ / 0-)
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    The only time in my life when I've had a gun in my hand. It was a 22-caliber rifle. My ex-husband and I shot cans off a stump out in the country. (The ex was a gun enthusiast and wanted to convince me it was a great hobby.)

    I learned two things that day.

    1. I'm was a surprisingly good shot for someone who had never touched a gun before.

    2. I hated the act of firing the gun more than almost anything I've ever done voluntarily. Not just the meaning of firing -- we were just shooting at empty cans, after all. No, I hated the physical feeling of firing the gun. I've never liked loud noises, so I was reluctant to pull the trigger, because it was going to make a very loud noise, uncomfortably close to my ear (we didn't have effective ear protection), and the kick of the gun alarmed me every time I fired.

    He never talked me into going shooting again.

    But my point is, even though I could (with some responsible training) handle a firearm reasonably accurately, there is no way I would have a gun in my house, no matter how fearful of crime or intruders I was. If I'm that afraid, I'm going to move to somewhere I feel safe.

    I know myself well enough to know that the level of certainty I would have to have before even pointing a gun at another human being is much higher than I could ever get in an emergency situation.

    I suspect that my reluctance to use the weapon would be pretty obvious to my attacker and I would be likely to have the weapon taken away from me.

    I'm much better off with my dogs in the house (who would raise an alarm if anyone tried to get in) and my cellphone next to my bed (where it charges every night). My dogs, btw, wouldn't hurt a fly. They just bark when they hear anything going on outside the house.  If an intrusion proceeded after they raised the alarm, my concerns would include protecting THEM.

    My move, if I heard someone breaking into my house would be to grab my phone and call 911, then roll off my bed, down between the bed and the wall and be very, very quiet until the police got there.

    Wealth doesn't trickle down -- it rises up.

    by elsaf on Tue Dec 18, 2012 at 02:23:09 PM PST

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