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  •  "Why" confounds me (4+ / 0-)
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    roseeriter, mapamp, madhaus, Avilyn

    Why? He was mentally ill. Why? He had access to an assault weapon and other guns.  I keep hearing they're investigating for the "why."  Does the why really matter for adults, when there are things that can be done right now to possibly alleviate as much as this type of carnage as possible?  

    "Why" for a little one is just like filthyliberaldotcom wrote. There are people in this world who are not nice.  But as grownups the question for us is "WHAT" are we going to insist is done to stop this.  

    •  I remember "why" after 9/11 (2+ / 0-)
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      BlackSheep1, Avilyn

      We didn't have TV but our son (age 4 then) heard us talking about it, and asked why the pilots would fly the plane into a building.  We told him these were not the real pilots hired by the airline but some "bad people" who did it.

      He called them the "bad pilots."

      My son is one of those kids who always wanted to know "Why," and his parents were two of those people who did too.  So while most of the other 4 YOs in his preschool didn't know about 9/11, he did, to the degree an inquisitive 4 year old can understand it.

      This tragedy is even harder to talk about with our kids.  They go to school every weekday.  Plane rides are unusual. School is NORMAL. Now there's "bad people" that could shoot you, your friends, your teachers at school.

      Why, indeed.

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