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View Diary: Boehner rejects Obama offer to extend some Bush tax cuts for wealthy while cutting Social Security (317 comments)

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    your slant on most of what you said.

    SNAP first and foremost keeps people from starving, a laudable goal without any economic return, but since every penny of snap goes back into a store, it is spent, it creates jobs and keeps the economy going.   Same with unemployment benefits,  every penny basically gets spent, rent, food, utilities, keeping jobs going and families from being homeless.  Again, laudable even without the economic impact, which again about doubles what we get from a dollar of defense spending.   And there is virtually no disincentivizing effect of unemployment, it is set too low to meet a family's full needs, and if jobs that pay better than unemployment are out there, almost everyone takes a job.  Further,  this recession is clearly not a typical business downturn,  and it produced unemployment and underemployment, has forced down wages, while companies sit on enormous profits, no productivity increase have been shared with workers.  So jobs aren't coming back, more people have less money, consume less and that continually threatens the economy.

    Seems to me your assumption that these programs only help the poorest means you have not been listening either.   Huge numbers of people are depending on SNAP,  not just the poorest but lots of formerly middle class families that have not replaced jobs, or have a job now at half or less of their former income.  Lots of people over fifty aren't being rehired and are thankful for what they can get.

    Direct government hiring is great, and we should start by returning money to states for teachers, fire fighters and police, as well as direct hiring at the federal level to replace people at SS that the freeze has eliminated (it is taking months more to process claims) and lots of places that help people before we go looking for another defense contractor to bring in through the revolving door of favors and kickbacks at defense.

    Compassion sells very well in this country to everyone that isn't a FOX news addict.  

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