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View Diary: Boehner says Obama's 'cliff' concessions aren't enough (171 comments)

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    Jerry056, Aquarius40

    Boerner and his cohorts can go to hell. We are going over the cliff and if that happens and the economy takes a hit and we go back into a recession, then what?  I am conflicted. IF we go over the cliff everybody gets hit and that may be a situation we may not like. Its is easy to say now go over the cliff, but do we really want to go down that road? It seem like the GOP don't give a damn!  We have divided government and we know that the dems have to give up something in order to get a deal and vice verse. What are the dems willing to give up?  I keep reading people mad at obama but what do you want him to negotiate? What are the dems willing to give up?  If obama gets his 250 tax cut from the repubicans which is their third rail, what do we have to give up? It is said everybody is going to have to feel some pain but what is that pain? The dems say the big 3 are off the table, they want the middle class tax cuts too as well as other stuff off the table. I am curious what should obama put on the table that will hurt the democrats? Otherwise, we are going over the cliff and that may not be the best option because folks 401K plan is going to lose trillions

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