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View Diary: Do You Really Want Your Right to Vote Determined by the DMV? Part 3 (3 comments)

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  •  I would add one more story in attempting to (1+ / 0-)
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    obtain a driver's license renewal for a relative.  Since the DMV requires a face to face visit to its facilities every other renewal (the intermediate one can be done online), this means a bedridden pt has to show up at a DMV to have a new pic taken.
    Problem: SC DMV does not recognize ADA or at least does not seem to.  MC nor MCD pays for ambulance trips to the DMV so a bedridden (even a chronically bedridden person) person has to either pay for the ambulance out of his own pocket or be transported by relatives (which may require a specialized van)

    SC DMV first of all does not accept a relative negotiating for a disabled person; instead you have to produce a durable POA to be able to even discuss the person's needs.  Second, the ADA does not require a person provide medical proof of disability but merely to assert that he meets the requirements to be disabled.  In addition, DMV's insistence of medical records may also violate HIPAA since there are no assurances any medical information will be protected as it would be in a medical setting.

    At any rate, after producing a POA, providing the medical records of the relative and then a recent photo, with a time stamp to ensure it was recent, we were able to get the license renewal.

    However my question remains: when did the SC DMV become exempt from the ADA?    

    •  We're so sorry (0+ / 0-)

      for what your relative and you all encountered.  Not only is this situation lacking in "customer service" and user-friendliness, but you seem to have found key inconsistencies with federal law.  We will pass along these issues to those in the civil rights and disabilities communities whose focus is more relevant than ours.   We appreciate your bringing your relative's travails to our attention.

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