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  •  If the republicans want to set fire to the room, (0+ / 0-)

    and they make a proposal of "burn the entire nation to the ground", does that make "give them a book of matches" a good counter-offer, or would we be better just negotiating from the starting point of "No matches for you"?

    Because this is about more than the specific cliff issue.  It's about the Republicans having a general policy of wanting Democrats to bow before their supposedly greater hyper-masculine macho power.  It has little to do with which policies are of concern at the moment; if it isn't a fiscal cliff, it's something else.

    They need to be called out publicly on their lack of decency, and just told "no, your starting point isn't worthy of the attention of intelligent, caring, moral people."

    I feel that even though it will hurt many many millions of people to go over that cliff, we should.  It took over 50 years for the Republicans to get a stranglehold on things.  We need to be working on a 50-year strategy to pull it back.  And to do that we need some base principles, chief among them "I do not negotiate with terrorists."  If we never stand for anything, they just keep pulling the starting point of negotiations closer to them.

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