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    This was in an era when your choices were (1) a smoothbore musket that fired 4 times a minute and expelled a musket ball that was so aerodynamically stable that it was hard to aim at anything and it had a very short lethal range; (2) a rifle that took a very long time to load but with which you could actually aim at food and expect to hit it; and (3) pistols, with which you couldn't hit a barn door standing on it and which frequently didn't go off when you pulled the trigger.  There were no issues around high capacity magazines on assault rifles.

    The gun obsession is a function of the postwar South and is tied to the exurbia obsession. The Civil War was one of the first major wars to benefit (?) from huge advances in technology for armaments.  Even the muzzleloaders were rifled, and the US Army was beginning to equip the entire army with breechloaders, with some use of repeating rifles as well.  And handguns were commonly of the Colt .45 design of revolver (they are still made today).  All of these were reliable and lethal.  The sheets and crosses boys knew they were going to be heading for the (lily white) hills and began to arm themselves.

    "Heading for the hills" meant heading west, where they encountered the incumbent occupants of the local real estate.  Native Americans didn't take well to a bunch of crude, racist white guys tearing up the land, and thus was born the myth of "winning the west."

    They don't have these problems in Europe.

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