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  •  it is not an either or choice. All or nothing (0+ / 0-)

    Agreements among people on limits to some behavior or acts or usage for mutual benefits and safety have always existed... and not for some blind love affair with "Control" and power. Of course the original purpose can be hijacked by those who misuse it as an aid to gaining and holding some sort of personal power or benefit... that does not invalidate the concept of mutually agreed limits on behavior... it is as old as "Thou shalt not kill/murder"... and probably far older. But not everything or everyone stays the same and all the other rules and laws and their interpretation and enforcement are only as up to date and reasonable as we and reality make them. All laws and rules, except for the most fundamental rights like in a constitution, need regular adjustment or updating and oversight of the way they are implemented or enforced.

    Regulations, checks and balances are a dynamic thing... looking for the best outcome. Environmental controls have made a huge difference. Where they really fail has little to do with randomness... some things would happen anyway but the real failures are corruption not being held in check and corporate money changing the rules or the enforcement... these flaws do not suggest that we should forget having any rules. Rivers are cleaner air is cleaner in most places or at least not continuing to get worse.. toxins are handled much better than before and many other environmental issues are better with than without.

    Mankind is not attempting to totally end "Randomness"... but the more we understand the more we understand the root causes of many things we previously did not. We can moderate our own actions to not harm the environment to a great degree... that we fall short does not mean hopeless... it is accepting that we can make a big difference even if it is well short of an unattainable ideal.

    Car deaths are unavoidable and yet we have far fewer than if we did not have the improved car designs, speed limits, traffic controls, seat belts etc. In fact deaths from most accidents are part of doing normal things. There are some that were due to carelessness, fatigue, incompetence or ignorance... even walking can lead to death... a trip and hitting a head on a curb can kill. We don't ban walking... or control it beyond having sidewalks and crosswalks... or banning people from walking into power substations or on railway or subway tracks....

    And in the end... those who have lived with too much arbitrary authority over them... or feel that they do dream of more freedom... while those who live in more lawless or anarchic times and places dream of more order and good laws properly enforced... the more or less ideal middle ground in between them is what they are going for but their original incentives make them overshoot and devalue the workable balance between dictatorship and anarchy, nanny state and libertarian free for all... and a slight detour in one direction or the other as needed is seen as an extreme betrayal... and it would be if it was the first step on a slippery slope to an extreme instead of a workable course correction to be followed by another tack angled the other way briefly...

    Gun control can work if it is a workable compromise accepted by most. Drug control works if it is again a reality based one. Decriminalize, take the gangs out of the profit picture, legalize use of the least harmful in small amounts... that is still control just not heavy handed unreasonable control. Banning all guns would never work. Banning all recreational drugs does not work. Finding the balance in agreed controls that does the least harm and retains the most benefit does work.

    Pogo & Murphy's Law, every time. Also "Trust but verify" - St. Ronnie (hah...)

    by IreGyre on Thu Dec 20, 2012 at 07:58:26 AM PST

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