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View Diary: LIVEBLOG: Progressive statements opposing Social Security benefit cuts (204 comments)

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  •  To quote the famous ObamaCultist manual... (14+ / 0-)

    do you have citations for any of that?  

    OK, that aside, it would appear to me that you are full of it.   Chained CPI which means that, as inflation rises, benefits will rise less than inflation.   This works out to a de facto cut on benefits.   Oh, yes, it will take a few years for the effect to be felt ... but felt it shal be.  

    The "chained CPI" will not be limited to "just the wealthy."   What it will do is lower benefits (or effectively, cap benefits) for everyone.  And thus, the old starve.

    But, thankfully, I guess, you appear to believe that by the time this cuts in, you believe that Congress will somehow ride in to the rescue and raise benefits.   This is 11-dimensional chess....betting on what a future Congress will do, somewhere down the line, is a pretty thin reed to bet on.  

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