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  •  This really hits the mark- (13+ / 0-)

    From the local supermarket, Mr Pinhole brought home a loaf of bread, real pleased with himself, for spotting a new offering.  "Look, it has half the calories of the other bread per slice, and is still Oatmeal, which is better for us."

    HA!  Upon opening, the slices were 3/4 the size of the previous type.  The slices were less sturdy, because they were thinner.  

    And best of all, lots of air holes marked every slice.  Being a bread baker, I knew how this was achieved.  

    Less calories via more air in each slice.  This also meant that the cheese in toasted cheese sandwiches, melted through and created a mess to clean up.  Peanut butter (lo cal variety) wouldn't spread and came through the holes.  Home made, lo sugar jam, squirted through the holes.

    We are being told eating air is better for us than real nutrients - taxing the rich a bit more and/or raising the income limits on SS & Medicare taxes.

    Shame on you Pepperidge Farms and President Obama!

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