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View Diary: LIVEBLOG: Progressive statements opposing Social Security benefit cuts (204 comments)

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    The difference for the higher income people will be a whopping 6% after 20 years. There is no change for low income people. They will be protected.

    "We have cast our lot with something bigger than ourselves" - President Obama, July 30, 2010

    by Overseas on Tue Dec 18, 2012 at 01:49:28 PM PST

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      I've been trying to follow the leaks and rumors on this, but the only low income folks I've seen who might be protected are those on SSI, which does not include me.

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        Is that the president tentatively agreed to chained CPI in 2011 after Jack Lew assured him that it could be done in such a way that did not hurt the poorest beneficiaries and might even get them a little more. Which would not be so terrible, but it depends how they define poor.

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