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View Diary: CalSTRS Hits Gun Manufacturers where it hurts: The Pocket Book (59 comments)

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  •  The gun manufactors have to be held accountable... (1+ / 0-)
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    the only thing that motivates them is gun sales.  Until they have to account for these guns being in the hands of people like Lanza they will continue to play games with us like they are at this very moment getting their response together and letting the seething pot cool off...  this is a brilliant move by a powerful lobby.  

    but they need to be worried about law suits coming toward them after the sellers are roughed up.  this needs to happen until they do more than just throw out crime numbers and say that if this or that person were armed they could have killed lanza...  certainly a possibility but idle speculation at best.

    If I had a child that was school age and they armed teachers I would home school.  I can assure you that there will be residual deaths as a result.  NRA will say that oh well only 15 would have died and not 26.

    As long as they continue to up the fire power these weapons will continue to fall into the hands of persons who should not even be in the room with one.  The nuclear weapons system has tough regulations and guess what, dirty bombs are out there as we speak.  They make em the 'bad guys' will get them.

    Who is responsible for these weapons being out there?  manufactors and sellers... hit them where it hurts...  the bank...  manufactorers will start to insist on sellers doing a better job on back ground checks oh yes amen

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