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View Diary: The More Devastating the Tragedy, the More Pronounced the Stupid (4 comments)

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    I read her article and I didn't find it so wrong-headed.
    Apart from banning weapons that can fire multiple rounds in short order---this has prevented these events or vastly reduced them in such places as Australia---not much else can realistically prevent these rare events.

    There are probably at least 10 million individuals who have the mental health diagnoses and social circumstances that put them in the ballpark for doing a spree or mass killing.
    Many of them have received treatment at times. No treatment program works all the time...therapy/meds simply don't work all the time and even if they worked 75% that would still leave a few million with this potential out and about UNLESS we want to go in for preventive detention, which I certainly don't because almost every person with the "profile" will never be a danger to others.

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      I simply have a problem with the idea that "nothing can prevent this with 100% efficacy, so it's not worth doing anything", which is what I took away from McArdle's essay. Condoms aren't 100% effective; neither are seatbelts, but nobody with half a brain is making the argument that we shouldn’t use them.

      I think that there are a variety of reasons why we are the only nation in the world that suffers from tragedies of this scale with the kind of regularity we've grown accustomed to, so it upsets me that anyone in the media sees it as her responsibility to tell us that, as noble as our intentions might be, there's no ultimate way to prevent these tragedies, and that we're all misguided fools for even suggesting it. Progress isn't usually made by grand sweeping gestures, it's achieved through incremental actions. I don't think there's anything that can be done today that will assure that nothing like this ever happens again, but I do believe that, little by little, law by law, conversation by conversation, we have the ability to gradually do away with the circumstances that allow tragedies like the one at Sandy Hook from happening, and with such alarming frequency. I have to believe that we, as citizens of the United States in 2012, have the ability to effect real and lasting social change.

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