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    The earliest chance of getting the House for the Democrats, absent some incredibly disruptive outside force that turns the entire country on its head, will be 2022. And that's only if we concentrate on willing state legislatures so that we control redistricting in 2020.

    Have you started work on that yet? If not, then you are doing nothing that will impact control of the House. It's that simple.

    The obvious illustration: Obama won big in 2008, as did congressional Democrats. But if you take the vote distribution from 2008, and you add three percent to the Democrats column, they still don't control the House. Indeed, it would take a realignment election the likes of which has literally never been seen before to make the House change hands now.  And you can't force one of those to happen. Indeed, with the Democrats at least nominally in power, any wave of that kind will almost certainly be against us.

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