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  •  So any compromise is caving? (2+ / 0-)
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    If we hold Republicans to the same standard (and their base will, certainly) then no politician will ever be able to govern.  Ever.  

    I'm all right with "caving" as long as the net balance makes sense.  I'm not sure if it does here.  But--in principal--we do need our Government to govern.

    •  Not always, certainly (0+ / 0-)

      But Obama has been making $250k a year a hill to die on for the last year. Over and over, he's repeated that that's what he wants. Are you now saying that backing away from the talking point that he has repeated more often than any other in the last year is not caving?

      As for Social Security, let me be clear: any cut to the incomes of poor seniors is caving, period. Our pension system in the US is laughably miserly compared to all other developed nations, and now we have established that the right thing to do with it is to make it worse. That Obama think that making it worse is a good idea. So we have the Republicans (make the poor poorer a LOT RIGHT NOW!) vs the Democrats (make the poor poorer slowly, over time!). If the Democrats aren't willing to make poor seniors' lives better, rather than making them worse more slowly, then yes, I'd call that caving.

      Now, the Republicans have finally forced Obama into his favorite position again: 'compromising with myself'. And his first real public offer to the Republicans is to compromise on one of his major talking points, and cause significant damage to the elderly. And, despite his insistence that the Republicans be the ones to propose their side of the negotiations, this offer came from his mouth, which means that the Republicans can use to to damage Democrats, if anything like it gets passed.

      So, let's see: not enough tax increase on the rich for them to even notice. Benefit cuts on the elderly. And a talking point that Republicans can use to paint Democrats as granny-starvers for the next decade. And that's the Democratic offer to the Republicans.

      And you're going to stand there and tell me you don't think that's caving? Dude, that's not caving, that fucking speleology.

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