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  •  I think that's the president's thinking too (3+ / 0-)
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    In July of 2011, when he and Boehner were trying to make a deal, the GOP demanded, in exchange for raising revenue through loopholes/deductions only, a hike in the Medicare age, chained CPI, means testing, and Ryan's obscene plan to turn Medicare into a voucher. Of those changes, the president decided that raising the Medicare age and chained CPI were the least bad options because they preserve the structure of the programs.

    I am relieved that the president rejected the Medicare age increase this time around, and has held firm on tax rates going up, even if he has raised the floor (which IMO is not the end of the world of all concessions he could make).

    On the other hand, the more I read about chained CPI, the more I don't like it. I especially don't like the way it is phased in over time, so it hurts younger people more than older. On the flip side, I wasn't expecting to see a dime from Social Security, so if this helps keep the system solvent for long enough that my parents get it until they die I guess it's worth it.

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