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View Diary: Boehner spokesman: 'The president is threatening every American family with higher taxes' (124 comments)

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  •  I believe if Obama doesn't have the courage to (0+ / 0-)

    stick with his stated positions (Social Security is not part of this, taxes must go up on people making more than 200K individually or 250K as a couple), Boehner is going to make him continue to give away concessions and more concession and then cudgel the Democrats in 2014 because the only party that tells you what they're about and sticks to that is the Republican party - the Democrats tell you they're going to do things and then they cave to the Republicans time and time again.

    If Obama gives in to Boehner in significant ways, 2014 will be like 2010 all over again.

    •  Read the TPM article linked on mainpage econ diges (0+ / 0-)

      t.  What Kurgman says.

      That said, if this is just a bump on the road to a bigger WH cave then you might be correct.  I do not think it is.  I think this is likely the most WH will agree to, not the least.

      My question on chained-CPI is: how more or less accurate is it as a measure of inflation.   If more accurate, then it is not a cut but a drawback of unvoted and unwaranted raise that would otherwise occur.  Seems likely its is on balance less, and thefrefore less ac ut, but I don't know.

      And the questions still remain: Will going over the curb turn the public on Ds - especially remembering a debt ceiling disaster is right around the corner if we do nothing?  Will it hurt the economy more than a deal along the lines now being talked about (cause if we crap the economy again at  some pt the public will blame Ds as well, the quesiton being when and can Thugs hold that long)?  And, will going over the curb produce a better deal in the end?

      I really don't know the answers to those.  And I'm pretty sure no one else really does either.

      At this pt, given the stupidity and insanity of Thugs, I'm just glad I don't have BOs job.

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