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View Diary: Why is Obama trying to bail out the GOP? (475 comments)

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  •  uhh, because Obama wants to deal with SS now? (1+ / 0-)
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    I don't understand what is so difficult to get. He wants to change the SS calculation to the chained CPI. Its a political battle he'd just as soon avoid later, so he's trying to get it done now. Its something HE wants. He can sell it as something the GOP is after, but its not.

    And I'm mixed on it. The chained CPI Obama is proposing is more accurate than the current calculating method. It is the "right" method. That said, it will reduce the benefit over time and that can create issues for vulnerable populations, so what's "accurate" may not be what is best for the country. He thinks it is, however, and is adding this to the omnibus deal just so he doesn't have to spend capital on it later.

    •  That makes no sense. (1+ / 0-)
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      Dr Stankus

      If Obama is making this concession now so he won't have to make it later... wouldn't it make MORE sense to save it for later when they want it so it actually does get some capital back in a future negotiation?  

      We've been down this path before.  When Obama starts just giving shit away that nobody asked for, it really means he's doing what he always wanted to do.

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