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View Diary: Care packages speak louder than Limbaugh: Operation dKosKare (304 comments)

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  •  Bleeding-heart liberals (none)

    You know, last I checked we were bleeding-heart liberals.  Why not give things to American soldiers?
    •  I have donated to booksforsoldiers and (none)
      to another organization which makes their lives easier. I was not talking about that.

      I said "I am not saying dont send cookies to soldiers"  

      I just thought that the poster was getting troll rated, and though he/she said controversial things, I thought that there were nuggets of truth to think about as well.

      I had a fantasticly impractical thought last night - what if there were a fund to support soldiers who decided for concious-objector reasons to leave the military service because they do not support the war. - that is a fund which would pay them back for all salary, benefits etc they would lose - and pay for them to retrain.

      I think that morally I would feel compelled to donate as much as I could to that fund...

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