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View Diary: Democrats getting more concrete on proposed gun law changes (105 comments)

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  •  Don't forget the straw-man purchases (1+ / 0-)
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    While deeper background checks would be welcome, that won't do much to combat the problem on its own. I'm not well versed on the subject, but I recall countless stories about individuals buying weapons for others who cannot buy them.

    I'm all in favor of banning high-capacity clips. If you can't outlaw existing weapons, you can ban the manufacture and sale of ammunition. Yes, I know the gun nuts would stock up to the rafters ahead of any ban. But stopping the steady supply of ammo outright will eventually make the semi-automatic little more than the marlin on the wall in the man cave.

    And without a doubt, mental health services must be in place and much more accessible to those who desperately need it.

    Please, Dems, don't back down on this issue. Not now.

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