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    That if "all the details are not all ironed out" then Pelosi's got absolutely zero ability to say we have a deal that guarantees it will indeed protect low income seniors.  All she can say is that they have a deal that might get around to worrying about this issue after they all finish their photo-ops celebrating our failure to "go over the fiscal cliff."

    In other words, the usual disingenous political bullshit.

    The really depressing thing is that I wish I could say I was colored surprised.  I'm not.  I am however, sick at heart because I know that this "deal" will go through with no real protections as a precondition to any deal (which is the only way Republicans are going to agree to it, given the negotiating postures they have taken the past four years) and then folks will still be making excuses about how politically this is not-so-bad and that we shouldn't blame the Administration or Democrats in Congress for their role in making it happen.  Set aside that the very idea of "chained CPI" is offensive IMO to begin with (after all, we are not talking about funds generated by the dole where we even arguably--and I argue even that-- have a right to be telling folks what they"should" be able to live on when they are retired and what goods and services they "should" be buying.  The real issue is that the offensiveness continues with the lies that pretend that some of us have not been watching politics and politicians for decades and therefore realize that the kiss of death to any idea upsetting to one's political opponent is to put things off while giving them the bottom line that they want.



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