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  •  Where has Pelosi been - "The Neediest?" (0+ / 0-)

    Our esteemed ex-Speaker (who accomplished a hell of a lot in four years of constant crisis) is way off base if she thinks that preserving normal SS increases only for people on SSI or some types of disability will make any difference.

    Unfortunately, the SSI recipients aren't the only ones likely to be "truly needy," in our Nancy's words.  

    Pelosi needs to remember that only 40-50% of her Baby Boomer constituents have ANYTHING saved for retirement, according to surveys.  The majority of Boomers are way behind where they should be, and way behind the smaller "sandwich generation" that is just ahead of them in age.

    We shouldn't kid ourselves, and Pelosi shouldn't kid us. The BB will be desperate for income in retirement, and the economy will be as dependent as ever on the spending power of its biggest generation for years to come.

    The point is to keep SS benefits as high as possible for as many as possible.  Giving in on ANY CHANGES to SS as part of negotiations to resolve this fake emergency will mean utter betrayal, not just of the poorest, but of millions of Boomers, who will be poorer in retirement  than they ever thought possible.  Wonder who they'll blame?

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