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View Diary: On Sunday April 28 1996, 35 people were slaughterd and a stunned Australia vowed Never Again! (48 comments)

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    ....New Town to Newtown: How ’96 Massacre Spurred Gun Laws in Australia — and No Mass Shootings Since.

    Joining us now is Rebecca Peters, who was chairperson of Australia’s National Coalition for Gun Control at the time of the 1996 Port Arthur massacre. She later became director of the International Action Network on Small Arms, was also a senior fellow at the Open Society in New York, where she produced a landmark report, "Gun Control in the United States: A Survey of State Firearm Laws." Rebecca Peters is joining us today from San Francisco.
    and then
    And as a result, now 15 years later, we’ve not had a mass shooting since that time, and also gun deaths in general are about 50 percent lower than what they were. And that—the laws—the evaluation of the law shows that about—it’s also—it’s saving hundreds of lives each year and also about $500 million a year in the economic costs of violence that’s been avoided. So, overall, our gun laws are a resounding success.
    You should just read the whole or listen to the whole show. Also very significant what effect the ban had on the suicide rates done with guns.
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      A single data point does not make a trend.

      Germany has one of the tightest sets of gun laws, and has had for decades.

      Nonetheless there were at least 2 School shootings.  

      In Winnenden the shooter - a 16 year old - had a single 15 rounds Beretta handgun, and a bunch of ammo. He nonetheless managed to kill 15 people, 9 of them students at the school.  

      In Erfurt the shooter - a 19 year old former student - only went for the teachers, although he handled his gun reckkless enough to accidentally kill two students as well. The shooter carried a Glock handgun with 17 rounds magazine and ammo, and a pump-action shotgun, though he couldn't use the latter.

      The Winnenden shooter probably "just" snapped, leaving few if any indications for his motive. The Erfurt shooter, OTOH, was a person with a well documented and comprehensible grief; the school had treated him pretty badly.

      So, no, massive firearm prohibition is no guarantee for no shool schootings.

      "Und wer nicht tanzen will am Schluss - weiß noch nicht dass er tanzen muss", Rammstein, "Amerika"

      by cris0000 on Tue Dec 18, 2012 at 08:42:45 PM PST

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