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View Diary: MA-Sen: Republican Jon Keller suggests that Ben Affleck run and other developments. (50 comments)

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  •  you missed my post right above I said same (0+ / 0-)

    I voted for her for AG because I felt she was doing decent
    job in that role
    to run for SEnate again she is unpopular with me as I feel she does not deserve the seat after last time

    •  I did feel it reflected on her character (0+ / 0-)

      how she ran
      not just those five weeks...that time was a snapshot only.

      being entitled, coasting, not striving, acting like it's yours ...electing repeated to avoid interacting with voters.

      it was a character issue for me especially she never owned her mistake, though I do not recall her concession speech. She hurt our state and our country by how she ran. She had blinders on. The Democratic electorate was owed a big apology or some sort of "what I learned". Heard nothing

      But, if she's good enough as AG she can stay
      I dont know a ton of details more it's how it struck me and fine if we disagree. I'm always open to new data around  what happened in that election where Brown won (basically she unleashed him on us ...and we are still now dealing with his potential omnipresence...he has the power of incumbancy now)...including from her. I have not heard anythign that  undoes my opinion. She'd have some explaining to do if she ran. I imagine there MUST be others who feel as I do.
      you know I'd vote for her over Brown. Holding my nose the whole time.
      but I think Brown would win anyway

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