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View Diary: The picture posted on FB by an NRA friend that set me off (316 comments)

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  •  It's not a fair fight (5+ / 0-)

    On FB and on sites like this the advocacy groups game the system. So once you're done exhausting yourself by fighting some random idiot, another one will come along only this's the same idiot under a different name, often backslapping his other avatar in the process.

    So don't waste too much time fighting strangers on the internet. Sure it can be useful not to cede too much ground, but as we see above, that side of the debate cannot be appealed to with reason.

    That said, the fact that the NRA now has to literally argue that teachers should be armed...oh man. That is one of the most significant public relations victories for the pro-regulation side since the Million Mom March. If that's the official line to which they plan to hew...let em. Give em enough rope.

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