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  •  If wishes were ponies..... (4+ / 0-)

    Durrati, you have no clue what Obama is really doing, or what he wants to do. And neither do the rest of us.  And therein is the problem.

    Barak Obama has never been forthcoming with us on what policies or programs he truly is not willing to compromise or trade away.  But what the past has shown us is that President Obama bears little resemblance to candidate Obama.

    With respect to Social Security, if Obama was right on the policy, which he is absolutely not, he will not be able to claim that it was something he had to do, that is was better than what republicans would have done, because Obama is the only one proposing to cut entitlements. After campaigning specifically to not put it on the table, with the election confetti still in the air, Obama will turn around and lecture his supporters on how he doing what has needed to be done all along, that he is being the grown up, and that those of us who disagree, well, gosh darn it, you put your trust in him, so now you'll just have to trust him.

    Obama, as much as I see, has no long game other than continuing to behave as the post-partisan president he fetishes to be.  The people truly playing for the long term are the republicans, who for years have dreamed of having a Democratic president make the cuts to the New Deal and our safety net.  You are watching their long term plan come to fruition, not the beginning of some fictional Obama long game.

    •  Whaddya mean (0+ / 0-)

      the President is the only one proposing to cut entitlements...this was Boehner's  proposal ... only I'm guessing Boehner wanted more.

      When folks say shit like that others around here actually believe it.

      The President is looking at the whole picture, millions losing their UI, getting blackmailed on the debt ceiling, going into another recession.

      At least get your facts straight.

      "Fascism is attracting the dregs of humanity- people with a slovenly biography - sadists, mental freaks, traitors." - ILYA EHRENBURG

      by durrati on Tue Dec 18, 2012 at 05:51:25 PM PST

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