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View Diary: Try saying it out loud: "We should repeal or amend the 2nd Amendment." (w/ RASA poll [70%: yes!]) (129 comments)

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    Yeah, yeah, we have all heard that there are too many guns out there and a new restriction won't stop the next tragedy.

    It's true. There will be other tragedies. We can't stop them all.

    But we can stop some of them, and we can stop a lot of the daily gun violence that goes on under the tragedy radar.

    It took 30 years after people started trying to restrict tobacco products to have an effect and now use and take up are down to a fraction of what they once were and it's still improving.

    That's the perspective we have to take. The idea that we can't stop another Newtown tragedy next week because guns are still out there is no reason not to start the process we need to start now. Yes, it will take another 30 years. Start now.

    One solution for the sloppy transfer through gun shows and private sales is to take the burden for background checks off the seller and put it on the buyer.

    If you want to buy a gun, you get training, take a test, get a background check (which criteria for passing are federally mandated) and get a license to own/use a gun. When you go to a gun seller, you show a valid license. The seller records the license number and reports the transfer.

    We can, and must, drastically reduce the number of weapons that are out there on the streets. It's going to take time and effort and resolution, the reward being that we will reduce needless death and suffering throughout the country. Oh, yeah, and incidentally, no freedom will be harmed in the making of this progress.

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