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View Diary: Try saying it out loud: "We should repeal or amend the 2nd Amendment." (w/ RASA poll [70%: yes!]) (129 comments)

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    To be honest, I was afraid you would say that.  I am a bit of a black sheep amongst my friends as I believe there should be some regulations on weapons.  My friends however often bring up the point you just brought up but they bring it up in the opposite direction.  During the revolution the enemy had muskets and cannon and so did the militia.  The British had ships and the colonies had privateers... ships.  So if the intention of the second amendment was to allow the people to have the means to resist a tyranny and they were to have access to the same equipment, for example, cannons then shouldnt the people today have access to the same equipment.  My friends would argue that since the government has access to rocket launchers the people should have access to them as well and that the founding fathers would agree with them.  To that I would say perhaps that is the case, however, war is not won by weapons alone and while it is important to maintain the right to have weapons rocket launchers are probably not required to insure freedom.  At this point I often point to afghanistan where they are able to resist an invasion without high tech weapons.  Anyway, it just begs further debate.  Thankyou for sharing your thoughts with me, I am happy to participate in this type of heathy disscussion and I believe that through such disscussion both sides can come to see the world through the others eyes and reach an agreement both sides would be happy with.  For the record, I worked in an armed field for several years.  I am certified through the state to carry a carbine (AR-15), semi-automatic pistol, revolver, and shotgun in the course of duties.  I am no longer in that field but I have thousands of dollars invested in my equipment.  I may be what you would consider one of those nuts but I have personally met many of those folks with what you consider an assault weapon and I can honestly say that 99.999% of them are law abiding citizens with jobs and families who would give the shirt off their back to help their neighbor and they are just as heartbroken about the event last weekend as everyone else.  I think the first step in unity as a nation will require folks on both sides to sit down like we are here and realize that at the end of the day we want the same thing, security and safety for our people and that neither side is the monster that the other side makes them out to be.  Only when we are willing to lossen our grips on what we believe is truth and fact and see things from a neutral angle with a willingness to change and aknowledge that our own way may not be absolutley right, can we work together to achieve something meaningful.  Again, thankyou for your insights.

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