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View Diary: One Hundred Names You Won't Hear This Memorial Day (194 comments)

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  •  It hurts to see these pictures (4.00)
    I've seen many of these before, and I'll see many of them again, but it hurts the same each time. Those are little babies, children, mommies, daddies.  They don't exist anymore.  If the people in this country had this put in front of them every night on the network news, popular opinion would turn.  As it is - out of sight, out of mind.  Nothing will change until the networks cover the war - the affect on the everyday citizens in Iraq - in a meaningful way.  Beat us over the head with it.  It's so sad.

    50 years from now Iraq will still be rebuilding. Those lives cannot be recovered.  We are so complacent, so happy to sit in our living rooms watching American Idol, that we can't muster the energy to stop this war.  Our collective conscience is numb.

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