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  •  I think you should write that diary (none)
    It's a separate diary. This is in memorium to people who died as a direct result of U.S. actions.  There are countless others who died as a direct result of the actions of people resisting the U.S. in Iraq. Anyway you look at it, though, their deaths weigh on the conscience of our country.  

    Sometimes it is necessary to go to war. But we should never forget the direct and indirect costs of war, lest we become too willing to wage war.  In this country, most Americans are unaware of the costs of this war to the Iraqis.  Sadly, they think the only cost of the war has been our lost soldiers and the money we spent fighting it.  They may vaguely be aware of some of the men, women, and children who died as a result of our invasion, but they don't really think there are that many, and frankly, they mostly think of them as primitive Iraqi nationals whose loss means little to the world.  

    If we want to fight a war, we should be forced to acknowledge the cost of that war.  Including the lives of those killed by locals fighting against us is good.  But, again, it's a separate diary. Please write it.  We need to be aware of that, too.

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