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  •  This post will be anger driven, excuse my spittle. (1.00)
    And then KISS MY AMERICAN ASS...

    I have been opposed to this war from the beginning, knew that no Iraqi was involved in 9/11, didn't much care about the rumors concerning WMD's, no reason to, we had the country surrounded and contained, who cared what Sadmans aspirations were..As  the attitude and justification shifted to "the liberation...." my objections did not, IMHO, not one single American life is worth that of ANY FOREIGNER too weak to stand up and die for their own freedom, and liberties...fuck- 'em, we have problems of our own.....

    It is sad when innocents are caught in the middle of a conflict and die, no doubt about it. Yet let's not forget how many of those innocents are young Americans simply following orders and doing their jobs, like it or not this is still a war zone, still a two sided battle, obvioulsy we have not seen the wholesale surrender and abandonment of arms by the Iraqi's now have we? Nor have we actually seen any "Iraqi Freedom" fighters emerge in a face to face battle either, preferring instead to use road side bombs, and other chickenshit tactics while hiding among the general populace, more than likely many of the dead who's pictures you so proudly displayed here....Did ya ever wonder how the "insurgents" are capable of operating so effectively while surrounded by a "peace loving" populace of "innocents". Our young men and women are dying in Iraq on a daily basis, many of our dead have been dragged through the streets, by laughing,singing,cheering,"innocents". Yet we do not retaliate, we do not seek imprisonment of these people, no court martials , no careers ruined, no prison....Their reward rather is pity, and sorrow, and much hand wringing by folks who perhaps know no better. Folks who perhaps know no better, gladly imprisoned young American soldiers for committing "atrocities" against humanity, "atrocities" that anywhere else would have been considered college pranks in bad taste. Folks who perhaps know no better, who although are against the war, have yet to mount any type of campaign or movement large enough, or loud enough to halt it, or even slow it up a bit, more than likely would have kept you away from the latest episode of survivor no?

    This country, our country, The United States Of America was built on the premise of "The People" but that only works if "The people" get up off of their fat asses and actually make themselves heard. Obvioulsy not enough of us opposed to the war were heard, as even the majority of Democratic pols, Including John Kerry, ended up supporting the initial invasion. Even now, instead of actually attacking and removing the cause, Folks who perhaps know no better, choose to villify the symptoms while ignoring the cause. While I disagree with our being in Iraq, I stand firmly behind our young men and women over there, serving their country, doing the job that was given to them, not one that they chose. I will care not one moment for those whom appear in these photo's, rather my sympathy and sorrow belong to the families of the young Americans who died needlessly on the soil of an ungrateful peoples, to weak to stand for themselves either in arms or in peace.

    My sympathy and sorrows also belong to those of us in this nation, too weak and impotent to prevent a war that clearly less than half of our populace wanted or believed in.


    by techadvisor2thedead on Thu May 26, 2005 at 06:22:27 PM PDT

    •  Nice (none)
      So, no sympathy for mutilated, dead, innocent children, eh? I can understand that. And you're right, these children should not have been harboring the people who are killing our soldiers in their country. Everybody knows its the tiny children that are at fault. They deserved it. Don't give me that "but I'm only 4 years old" excuse, kid. You knew what you were doing when you sheltered those insurgents. And even if it wasn't you, it's OK that you were blown up or barbecued alive, because that kind of makes up for the fact that other people in your town did shelter insurgents. Serves you right. Your death does not matter. Only the deaths of our people matter because you are not real people.

      Dude, it's OK to feel bad for Iraqis and Americans at the same time. The two are not mutually exclusive. You have a point that people shouldn't forget the American dead, and I don't think people here do.  But your delivery is disgusting.

      Please join me in a revolution, won't you?

      by Your Brother on Thu May 26, 2005 at 07:46:14 PM PDT

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      •  you sound just like.. (none)
        My brother,reading your words I hear his voice, I do miss him,(His death is not related)and in a weird sort of way, thank you for bringing him back to me so vividly.

        That being said, I gotta tell you, what I find disgusting is the fact that you would have American soldiers refrain from protecting themselves because a child might be, or actually was amongst their attackers. More disgusting is the fact that you seem not to care that Iraqi MEN, and WOMEN, put those children in harms way, by hiding amongst them, while attacking U.S. Soldiers.

        To insinuate that I or any one else would hold a child accountable for any of this is ludicrous on its face, and so simplistic as to make one wonder how it is you were ever able to learn to type, much less form complete sentences. Perhaps it was your rush to comment that prevented you from commenting intelligently, and forced you into the standard "sarcastic" using space but providing no substance response type that seems to grow promiscously wild on this thing called  the web.

        I think you missed the greater point, so let me try again, I'll even type slower if it might help. Not one of the incidents displayed at the beginning of this thread was the result of maurauding American troops, out of control with bloodlust and hatred for anything Arab, all were finalities of actions against insurgents, and any others who had been shooting at or otherwise attacking American troops.
        To only be revolted at the symptoms, and have no regard for the cause is a bit juvenile, don't you think?

        Whether or not we should be in Iraq, (which I do not believe we should...) is not the point here, whether or not American soldiers have the right to defend themselves from the very people the entire world agrees do not have Iraqs best interest at heart is.

        I wonder why, in all fairness, in sympathy for all the wrongfully dead out there, why were no pictures of American dead being dragged through the streets posted? Why were no pictures of American, and or Iraqi dead due to suicide bombers, or roadside bombs posted? Surely they are just as disgusting, just as heart wrenching, and just as much a reason to stop this war as any of the pictures that were posted.....

        Of course I realize that posting those images wouldn't allow the author to feel self righteous disgust for a government they can no longer control, because they are not yet ready to give up their SUV's, HDTV, and professional wrestling on Friday nites.....


        by techadvisor2thedead on Thu May 26, 2005 at 10:57:58 PM PDT

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        •  Very very nice. (none)
          You have a problem with my sarcasm. As was evident from your first post, and now backed up by your second one, it's clear that I could not have expected a rational conversation with you. You just want to vent, and flame anyone who gets in the way. So when I see such frothing ignorant hate, yeah, I'm going to ridicule it. It makes the point much more succinctly by highlighting the absurdity of your argument. Works much better than what I'll try to do here, which I'm sure will be pointless. But here you go anyway.

          Where in my post did I say American soldiers shouldn't defend themselves in battle? I didn't. So you can mark that part out. They're going to fight because they have to. But it doesn't make dead innocents a somehow acceptable thing. Expected yes, acceptable, no. Human tragedy, yes. And when you say I don't care that Iraqi men and women put these kids in harm's way, you again sidestep the issue. First of all the kids are dead. That's all that matters. What would keep you from acknowledging the horror of it? It doesn't take away from the horror of our own dead.  

          Secondly, these kids (or adults) live in towns. They walk down the street like people do anywhere, and suddenly a bomb drops, an IED goes off, or a gun battle erupts. And they get wasted. Armed Iraqi fighters are the object and do also die, but so do random bystanders. You make it sound like adults walk kids around on leashes and say, "go stand next to that bomb, kid." Even the army will admit that "collateral damage" is unintended and regrettable. Not you, though. They're dead and you just won't acknowledge the tragedy of it.

          In fact you say "I will care not one moment for those whom appear in these photo's". Why? Why can't you care? Do you only have so much care to go around? Do only Americans count? The post wasn't about saying "let's not care about our own dead because the war is wrong". It was about remembering the tens of thousands of others, just as dead, that the media doesn't report about.

          And does it matter whether the people in the pictures died due to accidental reasons? Does that make it OK? They're dead! Horribly killed. You write it off like some kind of ho-hum detail. Imagine if it was your own mother or children or brother. Seriously. Close your eyes and picture your mother's stiffened corpse in your arms in the middle of the street, next to the bloody lump of meat that used to be your baby. Conjure up the feelings you'd have. Stop reading and do it. Did you do it? Would't be so ho-hum then, would it. It would shatter your life, and you'd never have any satisfaction or justice over it. Imagine people on the other side of the world seeing your picture and saying, "yeah well, that kind of thing happens, you know. They shouldn't have been living there." That's what you're doing.

          You "will not care one moment" about the shattering, the tens of thousands of shatterings, when it's someone else and somewhere else, and our soldiers are being killed in the same arena. The thing is, you don't have to care one iota less about our own dead. Just acknowledge that every human deserves to live and feels the same ultimate suffering when their loved ones are killed.

          As for why no pictures of mutilated US corpses were shown, it looks to me like the post was saying, "As we go into the holiday where we mourn our own dead, don't forget these people". We do mourn our own dead. We sit over here sick, knowing our own young people are getting blown to bits, which is bad enough by itself, but worse when it's all in service of the heartless Machiavellian designs of our demented leaders.

          And in fact, people have posted pictures here of mutilated American dead. Know why it doesn't happen more? Because the military censors and blocks the journalists over there. And because papers here won't run them because people then say, "How disrespectful. This is horrible." And when those pictures are posted here at Kos, the same thing happens. People just like you say, "this is an outrage. how can you disrespect their memories and their sacrifice and their families like this?"  

          Actually let me take that back, I don't know if you personally would react that way.  From your overheated rage and inability to accept the real horror, that's just my guess. I happen to think that the only reason we let this kind of thing continue is because people are able to change the channel and deny the grisly reality of mass carnage. I say that if every one of us had to stand next to human beings (American and Iraqi) being ground into bloody, charred sausage every day, this war would be over in a week.

          So you think the author of that post won't accept the full reality of the war (American dead) because they don't want to give up their SUVs, etc?  Well like I said, they aren't denying it.  But more importanly, what about you? You won't accept the full reality either.

          So rev up your hatred and ridicule and really let me have it now. Because it will be productive.

          Please join me in a revolution, won't you?

          by Your Brother on Fri May 27, 2005 at 07:22:18 AM PDT

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          •  All Revved up with no one to hate... (none)
            Your sarcasm was ill placed, and a poor attempt to ridicule a very valid point. The fact that a four year old, or any child for that matter was killed because of this war, is of course tragic, and if the images that have been presented here sought(sp?)only to express that, then perhaps my response would have been different. However these images are nothing new, the compilation is not that of a sad and concerned individual, heart breakingly compiled to show the world the pain and suffering of innocents in the region. This particular compilation has existed on many sites, and in many discussion threads as a means to villify and damn American troops. This author is nothing less than a cut and pasting poser, who fully deserves not only all my frothing anger and hatred, but perhaps that of yourself and others like you who actually see that the tragedy is all encompassing, and not one sided...

            If you go back to my original post, you will see that I opposed this war from the beginning, still do, and always will. That any one man woman and children have had to die because of this conflict, is tragic, and perhaps you are correct, no one more or less tragic than another.  I am an American, however, and damn proud to be one by the way, therefore American deaths hit me harder, mean more to me, if for no other reason than I believe and feel that they are of my own, and someday soon may actually be from and of my own.

            I agree with you as you say "that if every one of us had to stand next to human beings (American and Iraqi) being ground into bloody, charred sausage every day, this war would be over in a week." I also think that every gruesome picture and film from a battle should be shown on CNN,FOX,NBC,CBS, et al, daily, unedited, and without commentary other than pointing specific facts. Then my friend, then we will see a much different attitude towards war.

            Sorry, dude, no hate here, only anger, frustration, and much sadness. This weekend, as always, we will remember our dead, our fallen heroes, our living, soon perhaps to be dead, doing things and living in conditions most of us could not imagine, will not imagine,and hope to never do. Because of you, a moment will also be given to those on the other side of the world, and the tragedy and burdens they too bear.



            by techadvisor2thedead on Fri May 27, 2005 at 03:13:05 PM PDT

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    •  My compassion . . . (none)
      for the U.S. soldiers who have died includes grief for the mothers and fathers/the spouses/the children who've had their children/spouses/parents--many only a few years older than my beloved son--taken from them.  Snatched from them in the cruelest fashion so that the very few can command unparalleled wealth and resource domination.

      My compassion extends as well to the U.S. soldiers who have not died physically, but have died emotionally and psychically.  They have died inside because of what they have witnessed and have been forced by fear and chaos to do to others who posed them no threat.  

      They have died inside as well because of what they were forced to do to others who DID threaten them, many of whom surely rebel at their land being appropriated so that a very few can command unparalleled wealth and resource domination.  

      My compassion does not forget the thousands of soldiers who have returned never to walk, run, skip or jump again, never to read a book, pass a pleasant spring day without excruciating headaches, never to write a letter to their child because they left their hands back in Iraq.  For what?  So that a very few can command unparalleled wealth and resource domination.

      With regard to whether a four year old child who watched in horror as her mother and father were taken from her should be, as you say, grateful to America, I say that perhaps you give far too much credit to Rationale #5 on a list of the Top Ten Reasons To Invade Iraq.  Rationale #5 was that we invaded Iraq to liberate the Iraqi people from a brutal dictator.  Brutal, Saddam clearly was, as are many dictators with whom the U.S. conducts multilateral affairs.  This was not the reason we invaded Iraq and I refuse the notion that we should mete out punishment or withhold compassion to Iraqis for not appreciating our efforts to rescue them when the rescue rationale was merely one used by the powerful few to sell a war to the many.

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