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View Diary: Beyond Bans -- Other Ideas on Gun Control (15 comments)

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  •  Make keeping a gun at home socially unacceptable (2+ / 0-)
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    SoCaliana, Agathena

    I haven't gone over the statistics, but it sure seems like most of the tragedies result from guns in a home being accessed by an irrational or temporarily irrational person. May the the shooting ranges could step up and store people's guns for them, or maybe community or government agencies could set up secure storage facilities- you know, places where you have to show ID to get your gun. This wouldn't be the government "taking" people's guns, just people themselves storing them responsibly with trusted community members or organizations. Then (trying to channel a gun nut's point of view here) if Red Dawn or Zombie Apocalypse becomes a real scenario, you're pretty sure you can get your gun back. Heck, if that doesn't feel secure enough, bury the gun in your back yard. JUST DON'T KEEP IT IN YOUR HOUSE!

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