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View Diary: AARP statement on Social Security Cut... NO!!!!!! (109 comments)

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  •  I love this diary -- because it advocates us (5+ / 0-)

    actually doing something besides clapping or booing.

    It's not a winning strategy to just elect someone, throw them into the ring, and hope they 1) do what we want, and 2) prevail.  Then trash them when they lose or don't do it just right (our way).  That seems to be how politics works these days and it's frustrating as hell.

    What big change ever happened without a noisy movement of some kind?  Are we just spectators?  Is this just TV with a keyboard, yet another opiate of the people?

    We do need our own movement.  Occupy was great -- and I still have hopes for it -- but it was just a start.  And it was tiny, definitely not the 99%.

    One problem was that OWS never created an obvious way for regular people to participate or join in.  Again, mostly us watching them.  Good strategy for media attention & reframing, not so good for growing a movement past the limits of camping out.

    So how do we get mobilized?

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