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View Diary: Stop Blaming Newtown Tragedy On Mental Illness (301 comments)

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    Ice Blue

    My understanding is that NGRI (not guilty by reason of insanity) is harder to get in court these days almost everywhere.

    I've worked with some mentally ill people in a former career in social work.  My wife though has been a forensic psychologist for many years.  Her patients are the ones found NGRI in situations where they killed someone.  Schizophrenia and depression are the usual culprits.  They are put away for life in high security and are treated relatively well.  They aren't sentenced per se, but they are given a "Thiem date" which indicates when (if ever) they can be released.

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    by Satya1 on Wed Dec 19, 2012 at 08:20:26 AM PST

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      smartdemmg, Brit

      My father's mix of clients between the sane and criminal and the mentally ill changed over the 25 or so years he was a defense attorney.  The number of mentally ill clients increased and more and more services were cut.  By the time I was in that jury pool, it was pretty standard for him and his colleagues to represent people who really should have been handled by mental health services professionals according to him.

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