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    I had taught Bill Leone. He was in my composition class at 23, and I said, "Oh, that's a little older than usual," and he said, "Yeah, I've been in prison for the last four years."

    I gulped and said nothing else.

    Later in the semester, he was talking about people bragging about the "action" they saw in Desert Storm, and he said he was advanced artillery, and his unit had exchanged shells with the Republican Guard, but these other guys were worse than in the rear. When I mentioned what he had said he was doing (serving time in prison), he said, "Yeah, I prefer to tell people that."

    He hated having a big deal made out of his "heroic service," etc.

    I was at work the day Wendell Williamson shot people, so I was on the other side of town, but Bill did what he did, he said, because he was mad at the stupid people who were looking out their windows at what was happening. They were going to get killed, he thought, and that pissed him off badly enough to go and take down the shooter.

    For his pains, he got shot in the shoulder by the cops.

    Wendell Williamson killed two people. One he shot at point blank range. The other was a quarter mile away, sitting on his porch, when a bullet that missed its target continued its flight and pierced his heart. (This is why NRA wet dreams of "free fire" are insane. Each miss is still a bullet going for up to a mile.)

    People complain about dirt, but I'd like to see them make some.

    by The Geogre on Wed Dec 19, 2012 at 01:41:07 PM PST

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