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View Diary: Going Over a Cliff Better Than Deal President Has Offered (41 comments)

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  •  JUMP!!! JUMP!! .... I've got my helmet on. (0+ / 0-)

    The Democrats have to just hold fast and let the Republicans self-destruct. Have some patience and let them combust.

    Not only do Democrat's have limited backbone, they are also horribly impatient.

    Sit back, get a nice drink, and enjoy the show for once.

    And if at any point we can do something to trip, poke, or otherwise help the Republicans fall on their faces.... do it. Let your inner devil free for a bit, if they are stumbling by, by all means stick your foot out and trip them. If you are walking along and they are laying on the sidewalk in pain, feel free to kick then in the nutz.... accidentally of course.

    It is OK to revel in their self-destruction, it's just human, it's OK to feel some perverse pleasure in it. It's part of the human genome. Embrace your inner meanie. ;P

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