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View Diary: Obama to tap Biden to lead White House response to mass shootings (63 comments)

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    The PRESIDENT chose someone to project the leadership and hard choices he won't verbally commit to? Seems to me he really doesn't give a tinkers damn about gun violence, or more likely he must be getting paid real good given that he IS president, CANT be "held accountable" in a future election and HAS hurricane force political wind at his back(again) to do the right thing.

    I won't understand why he will choose to stand by and "let republicans" destroy whats left of the present and future assistance programs for the vast majority of us who willingly(or are compelled) to pay our taxes through payroll check(if we are lucky enough to be working), but I won't be shocked. This presidents ACTIONS speak louder than his words. If he has done anything important so far, its because others have done the heavy lifting and sacrificing, and he has silently stood by when his bold proposals get carved into a shit sandwich. Maybe in 4 years we can have a leader who leads and has Actual Actionable Convictions.

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