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View Diary: Republicans offer wide array of reasons for inaction after Sandy Hook massacre (114 comments)

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  •  Next massacre coming soon? (0+ / 0-)

    With the intense coverage, the heightened awareness, the vulnerabilities and uncertainties, sure as shooting a copy cat event or several are coming soon. Just since Friday, we have had added threats called in to local schools, students bringing in weapons and all sorts of things that get immediate attention in the present climate still raw over last week's Connecticut massacre.

    Today, the NRA shills/political GOP tools on their pad are pushing back, deflecting, defiantly changing the subject to anything , any bunch of red herring issues other than real  restrictions on hi capacity clips and military rifles.

    I expect based on all this media frenzy, comments and attention a copycat incident pretty soon, maybe even this Fridaywhich is  the week 1 anniversary of the elementary school murders.

    Like the 1996  Port Arthur, Tasmania, Australia killings, the perpetrator wanted to set a record.   That is what the copycats have to shoot for, a record.

    So get ready, the usual Goopers obstructionists are challenging the mentally incompetent to go out with their second Amendment rights and do what it is they want to do.

    They (possible shooters )are being told, government can't stop you, it is just a thing that happens. More laws won't make a difference.

    I am saying this rhetoric by the GOP hard core shills for the gun makers and their NRA front group is stochastic terrorism, inciting the worst and most damaged to come out of their basements and lairs and bring their assault weapons into play.

    And the connection will be really easy to make, the stuff they avoiding saying from the 14th to today is now on full display in all its ignorance and idiocy and celebration of the sociopathic politics of thrill seeking through lethal gun play and posturing these cretins love so much as their contribution to American society.

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