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View Diary: The law does not protect Cock Suckers. (107 comments)

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  •  Cock fighting should be legal! (1+ / 0-)
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    Except in the licker room.

    Thanks for all of your efforts.

    •  Ever been to Key West? (2+ / 0-)
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      Larsstephens, FishOutofWater

      Where escaped cocks (left over from cock-fighting) hang out under porches and in trees?

      They are a protected species there - and so many consider them a nuisance that it is now possible to call animal services and have the cocks removed to a shelter for wild cocks!

      •  It's agin the law here in TN, (1+ / 0-)
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        Cock fighting, that is.

        But many fowl are raised for it.
        You can go to the country and
        see their shelters, many improvised
        from old plastic barrels, out in the
        yards by the modular homes
        of their prideful and bucolic owners,
        where each rooster must be
        staked and chained to keep
        them all from killing each other.

        For some reason, it is very
        popular with both our most
        recent immigrant workers
        and their resentful but hapless
        faux indigenous neighbors.
        But they were borned and raised here.
        Much drinking, wagering and bootleg trading.

        The sheriffs make the occasional raid every
        now and then, to replenish their own flocks.
        And to get birds to make chicken and dumplings
        for Sunday dinner guests at the county jail.
        The irony of eating their own recent surrogates
        is not always lost on the mostly unlettered.
        I guess it depends on how hungry they are.

        Several decades ago, I recall playing a 'gig' at a
        cock fighting ring somewheres out west of Phoenix,
        before the practice had been completely outlawed.
        Pretty rowdy crowd, not so unlike all the many small
        rodeos that had been my general experience and forte.
        Those are all corporate now. Not so with the cocks.

        Cultural remnants of the rapidly fading agrarian age.
        A Saturday night replaced with NASCAR or other pursuits.
        But not so different from the voyeurism of all the blood
        sports of modern day reality TV or breaking news.

        I have been to Key West, just not recently.
        Do not recall any fighting birds, just a very
        fine and fresh red snapper meal in Marathon Key.
        And my first awareness of bio luminescent algae.
        The sky is beautiful at night there away from the cities.

        Thanks for all of your efforts.

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