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View Diary: Obama admits he's already conceded more than warranted (360 comments)

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  •  Social liberal? (12+ / 0-)

    Well if you put him next to a freaking pig ignorant theocratic vicious sociopath who wants to probe my vagina, I suppose he is better at social issues. However this is about liberal social values can't get more social then SS or affordable health care for all. Oh and then there is those pesky human rights that certainly are social like habeas corpus or international laws that protect humans from things like torture or droning and bombing  people who might be a danger to us or live in lands that have 'resources' that the viscous greed heads he represents, want. Food stamps? Jobs? Economic justice? The common good? Forget about them they are a profit loss. Sacrifice for the 1%'s wealth creating (looting and pillaging) and austerity for ordinary people is not what I would call a social liberal.

    Where's my habeas corpus, and all those inalienable human rights?    

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