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    Obama is a moderate on social issues and a right-of-center conservadem on economics.  He only campaigned on raising taxes and said he'd defend SS, because he knew that he needed liberal enthusiasm to beat Romney and the GOP.  Now that is over, and he's free to be who he is.  (Similarly, Romney would have let the GOP down on social issues had he been elected, since he wasn't who he campaigned as either).

    Obama is not a happy class warrior.  Perhaps he wants to be accepted by the Powers that Be?  He wants to be upper class.  That was the beauty of Roosevelt and Kennedy.  They were already "upper crust".  They didn't need acceptance.  They didn't need to be welcomed into the penthouse.  They were from there.  Been there, done that - free to fight for the common man.

    Obama has been a social climber his whole life.  A black man from humble roots.  First black president.  At times, it has to be a little awe-inspiring even for him.  BUT,...the real Powers that Be will not ever accept him, no matter what office he is elected to by the rabble.  Obama has to earn his creds into that hallowed air by distancing himself from the common man.  

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