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View Diary: Obama admits he's already conceded more than warranted (360 comments)

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  •  There needs to be an intervention. (1+ / 0-)
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    Ky DEM

    Pathological is the key here - as in alcoholism, so this need to find consensus.  
    Maybe Biden, Reid, Pelosi and Obama's immediate family meet him in the Oval Office:
    Maybe they should threaten to quit if he doesn't start being a serious president with a serious mandate.
    Then there's the 12 steps to recovery:

    • I am powerless over my need to find consensus.
    • I believe a higher power than I, can help me.
    • I believe that higher power is the electorate, who renewed my 4 year term.  I turn over my life to them.
    • I admit I've been foolish attempting to find consensus with the GOP.
    • I acknowledge to the electorate that I've sought consensus at their expense.
    • I accept the judgement of those who voted for me - that I should not give the store away to the GOP
    • I also accept that I cannot do this on my own; I don't need to - I have the will of the people.
    • I'm willing to change - to tell the GOP to go stuff it, the clock is running out, we hold all the cards.
    • I apologize to those who voted for me this time; indeed, those who voted for me in '08 - for not following through on campaign promises.
    • I will take personal inventory, and be aware when I am tempted to fall back into GOP consensus making.
    • I undertake to discover the plan that the electorate has for my life - to look out for them.
    • I will not keep this to myself - I will endeavor to show the GOP the errors of their way, rather than simply bowing to their 1% desires.

      Maybe an intervention.. maybe THAT would work.. Something needs to happen.

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