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View Diary: Obama admits he's already conceded more than warranted (360 comments)

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  •  Obama the Rationalist (6+ / 0-)

    This is classic Obama. He thinks everyone is just like him and will naturally do the right thing if given the chance. If he is not willing to stand his ground he will rightly be seen as weak and will have to negotiate against himself.  The tendency to avoid conflict at all costs is a very bad trait in a leader to have. If your opponent knows that they will step all over you.

    Obama just doesn't get it. He wants to be a transformational leader and inaugurate a modern day ear of good feelings because gosh darn it everyone can just get along.

    Boehner was absolutely terrified that in the fiscal cliff negotiations the government would go into bankruptcy that he had his office call up his wall street buddies to assure them they wouldn't go over the cliff. Obama knew this and still engaged in a process that hurt him politically.

    Now we are getting comments from administration democrats like "you almost feel sorry for boehner because of the tea party caucus". Guess what geniuses? That is Boehner's problem. NOT YOURS. Make him deal with it and show how unreasonable they are.

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