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View Diary: A Compendium of Good, Great, and Brilliant Gun Control Ideas I've Seen (20 comments)

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  •  Mandate background checks for all gun sales (5+ / 0-)

    no matter if it's in a store or gun show.  Mandate paperwork be filed no matter where the gun sale takes place, including out of the trunk of a car.  Otherwise, you still legally are responsible for what happens with the gun, since you didn't follow the law in disposing of it.

    Mandate all states must fill out information on mental health and the rest of the things the federal database is supposed to contain but that states, due to budget cuts, political distaste for federal tracking of individuals or whatever haven't done.  Levy penalties on states that fail to comply, but give them the carrot from the heavy taxes not just on bullets but on the guns themselves.  Make a gun cost $5000 and people will be a lot more careful with them (and collect far fewer).

    I personally like that militia idea - it could be at the local, state or national level, but mandate that participation in the militia be a condition for gun ownership.  If a person can't physically be in a militia, there are other ways they can train, but don't let people skip out on their Constitutional obligations.

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