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  •  I sympathize with you (4+ / 0-)

    In terms of purchasing power (which IMO is the metric for whether something, even an increase, is a cut) most American jobs, and a lot of American workers, have had stagnant or declining real wages since the Ford Administration, while the distribution of wealth has skewed to the top 1%.

    Your wages have been stagnant, your real wages declining probably. I took a look at my historical business performance recently. In 2000, before Bush took office, our August sales were $50,000. In 2008, before Obama took office, they were $5,000. This year, August sales were $500. The first two numbers were near the monthly average for the year - this year we had a good first few months, but August is now typical for the last half of the year. Those are gross sales, not net profits - there are product costs and business expenses that come out of each number.

    Just one business loan payment is $1600/month and there are other business expenses. I'll get my first Social Security check in February, so how the cost of living is computed has become very important to me - I'd like to keep my house and keep eating and pay medical bills (I'm not Medicare eligible yet and can't afford insurance).

    Over the long run, I'm probably no better or worse off than you - that's not the point. You deserve a raise. People on Social Security deserve not to lose ground. Teachers and public employees in WI deserve to be treated fairly and not lose ground. Workers in MI need the right to form strong, effective unions. Millions of people who are unemployed need jobs.

    We need solidarity - we need to fight together so that we all benefit. I've emailed my Senators about Social Security. Honestly, I'd forgotten about your wage freeze until you mentioned it. I'll email my Senators now to encourage them to at least prevent Federal employees from sliding backwards economically - your pay freeze should be ended, the same as tax breaks for the wealthy should end. You should get fair pay, and they should pay their fair share.

    I hope that other people will contact their representatives on your behalf as well.

    In Soviet Russia, you rob bank. In America, bank robs you.

    by badger on Wed Dec 19, 2012 at 04:46:18 PM PST

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    •  As a Seahawks fan... (2+ / 0-)
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      badger, elwior

      I can't argue with a badger, who so kindly produced our continually improving QB Russel Wilson.  I think SS discussions should be had, just another day.  I think a society like ours must ensure that folks don't have to worry about anything on the bottom rung of maslowe's hierarchy of needs.  

      Sorry that the years haven't been kind to your biz's bottom line. My wife is in the same boat.  She was small biz owner for 8 years.  Got out barely in the black this past year.  It was a tough decision but I was really proud of her.  

      I enjoy public service, definitely could have chased some higher dollars elsewhere like my buds from college, but it's never been about the money.   I'm glad to keep my existing salary especially if it means helping others get jobs.

      "Whether you think you can or whether you think you can't, you're right." - Henry Ford

      by snappydogs on Wed Dec 19, 2012 at 07:42:32 PM PST

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