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    Libertarian gun owner here and yes I do own an AR-15...  I honestly think you are on the right track, in fact I agree with you on about 95% of what you have said here.  The one place I will disagree is on military service being required to own an AR-15 or similar firearm.  Having served in the military it is with great sadness that I can say most military personell are beyond pathetic with their weapons.  The military trains to the lowest standard they can to get everyone through it.  Everyone must qualify with their rifle, even the guy who works on computers for the military who picked up that rifle 4 times in the last 4 years and had to fire a magazine at a stationary target.  In fact there are many organizations that give much better training because they arent in a position where they must pass you.  I was a paratrooper, so I would say our weapons training was much better than the average soldier, but I still learned more about my rifle from classes I took through the state (Had to take these classes to carry a rifle at work outside of the military).  The NRA itself actually is very good about teaching weapons safety and function.  I think training is critical though and I think to take the training there should be a psych evaluation.  I don't think it should be over the top like some psych evaluations out there are (Is it better to have a bird in the hand or two in the bush?) Not sure what the hell that question has to do with someones psychological status or even if there is a right answer but it was actually on a psych eval I had to take.  (One in the hand... your nuts why do you want a bird in your hand OR Two in the bush... whats wrong with you, you dont want the bird you must be paranoid).  Anyway, I dont think the answer is to illegalize them, they tried that with cocaine and its still pretty available.  Also, law abiding gun owners pretty much follow the laws, if you go and make them felons for owning an AR-15 the mentaility might change. "Well, if I'm going to be a felon anyway may as well have a fully automatic and add a suppresor to it".  No Doug, I think you are absoluteley on the right track here.  

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      at least for me, is this:

      1) They aren't going anywhere, unlike a lot of the privately run training programs.

      2) I agree with the psych eval.  For my money, having gone through it, Basic is one helluva psych eval.  

      3) Follow-through.  They have the bodies, can easily maintain the infrastructure to keep the records, to do the re-evals, etc.

      In short, standard infantry basic, is a great baseline course in military weapons standards.  If 4 years of active duty doesn't improve that, set up a discharge eval, either rate them fit to carry, or not.

      Not to mention the feel good side of things.  Look at the number of vets that could be employed by this.  Who knows?  Might even increase sign-up rates.

      Others might do the training well, but the Military has built in strengths that no private organization has.

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