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  •  I didn't cave and capitulate - and neither did you (2+ / 0-)
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    Liberal Heretic, mightymouse

    I bet both of our families are the ones who battled for the rights that way do have.

    The rich and egotistical shits who we elect as our "leaders" based on their BS personalities rather than hard policies are the ones who screw us over and over.  

    I'll tell you what, if your family had union members fighting for a 5 day work week or GI bill beneficiaries who laid it on the line when the battle was real, you know that these losers aren't responsible for our history -- we and our families are and we suffered for it.

    We have some battles ahead - but we won't cave -- we'll purge the party of all of these unprincipled professional pols!  It ain't the party -- its the jackasses in office!

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