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    This line strikes home for moral reasons, beyond strength and image, to which the also positively apply. And should serve as a guidepost.

    They had done so well pushing the GOP to make specific spending cuts, something Boehner clearly didn't want to do. And then they unilaterally and for no obvious reason decided to bail the GOP out. Inexplicable.
     Hold the line. Say again to the R's 'Please proceed.' with your proposed cuts'. Now, there is no visible reason for a deal unless they put their cuts on the table. Sec Tim Geithner, and Leader Nancy Polosi have it right, on facts and delivery. She said, 'Do your Job Mr. Speaker.' I did.'      

         Predictably, the R's have over reached, with this 'option' gambit.. Now the board resets. To? the original bet. Let, the Pelosi team with Reid running shotgun, work out the Congressional deal. It is their lane and their job.
          Go home, 'You did good.' Use the the holidays, to reflect, on the big picture. Beyond issue of war and peace? International development is big, there are markets to be won.  Progressive 'bill paying budget balancing ' money to be made.  Asia Africa South America hang in the balance.

         When they strike a budget deal in DC? Let them come to Hawaii to have it signed and chill for a while.
      Whats happening with the current Speaker is so far beneath 'that' office, let alone The office of a newly reelected US President? To dignify any more direct meetings or calls from the Ohio Congressman is a stretch. Pres Obama is not their ..  
           Let the Rs make their sausage.
     Leaders Pelosi and Harry Reid will call when the deal is done.  

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