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  •  This is perfectly "explicable" if... (5+ / 0-)

    ...the Democrats and Republicans are playing "Good Cop/Bad Cop" on the voting public.

    If you believe what the leadership of the Democratic party, including the President, has said about itself, it's inexplicable. But if you believe that the Democrats are just the cuddly wing of the Corporatist party, it makes perfect sense.

    That also explains Geithner, Summers, Immelt, the Afghan surge, whistleblower persecution, Bradley Manning torture, gitmo, the growing surveillance state, the Justice department's systemic orchestration of the attacks on OWS, zero bankers in jail for the economic collapse, zero bankers charged in the latest investigation of HSBC for laundering money for drug lords, and all the other stuff this administration has done that infuriates, not just Progressives, but average Americans (when they actually find out about it).

    Or you could believe that a brilliant man like Obama suddenly becomes a complete idiot during a negotiation.

    And write a diary wringing your hands about this "inexplicable" mystery.

    "the tranquilizing drug of gradualism" - MLK

    by 3rdOption on Wed Dec 19, 2012 at 06:12:32 PM PST

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