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    Well, we can't. We are stuck with the sow's ear, not the silk purse. So, we gotta make the best of it.

    I'm putting Democrats on notice that the 2014 congressional elections are under way. I'm looking at who is working for us and who's just extra baggage that could be jettisoned.

    Obama isn't the key. The key is our representatives in Congress (both houses). They need to hear in very, very clear terms that their careers are on the line.

    And, when you talk with them, ask them what they plan to get for cutting benefits? The problems don't go away. Are they planning to get an increase in the minimum wage? Are they planning to get a higher percentage payout to unemployed? Are they willing to extend benefits beyond 99 weeks? Are they willing to increase tariffs, so that we see some jobs around here? Are they going to start moving toward a publicly-funded healthcare system instead of the expensive mess we've got?

    When are they going to start fixing the problems that cause people to depend on government assistance? When are they going to move forward on increased wages and higher incomes for Americans?

    This is not a tradeoff for higher tax rates. The higher tax rates are a given because we've had tax cuts. Lower tax rates failed. Until rates are back where they were fifty years ago there's nothing to trade on that.

    We need to change the narrative. The narrative is not about fixing the deficit mess. The deficit is just a byproduct of lousy economic policy from Congress. They need to get back on the path to expanding jobs and wages, or there will never be enough money to pay off the deficit.

    And as for cutting Social Security and Medicare. Explain to me again why that's necessary. Are you planning to work longer and then be poorer in retirement than you're already going to be?

    Apparently, we need to do this negotiation ourselves. I could pick any one of you at random and you'd do a better job.

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